How to manage stress using EFT

This day and age it feels like we are constantly running around with hardly any time to breathe. Our stress levels are at their peak and we find it hard to squeeze in time for ourselves. The causes of stress are many; including things like causing daily headaches; making it difficult to power through daily tasks, damaging relationships, and even harming your health. Simply ignoring the stress in your life  won’t make it go away.

I’m grateful to be alive and thankful to be able to share my story with you as I have experienced first hand the dangers of stress and what it can do to your health.

A few years back I was experiencing shortness of breath and after several tests found out through an Angiogram that I had 2 major blocks in my arteries. The surgeon told me I was lucky to have caught these blockages when I did and he was happy I didn’t ignore the signs as the outcome could have been terrible.. A week later I had to undergo an Angioplasty to clear the blocks and have 2 stents put in place to keep the arteries open.

When the procedure was completed I asked the surgeon how and why this happened? He explained that stress plays a huge role in our health and we need to really control our stress levels in order to keep up optimum health. He believed stress was a major cause of my blockages.

Stress isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Some stress is normal and can even be used to your advantage.

Good stress occurs during events and moments in an individual’s life when a degree of motivation is needed to overcome a potentially difficult obstacle. However, the obstacle is inherently manageable. Examples would be a work deadline, preparing for an exam or giving a speech to a large crowd. On the other hand, Bad stress manifests itself in a chronic or ongoing type of stress that begins to hinder your everyday life and stops you from completing tasks that you need to undertake. Examples would be the death of a family member, hospitalization, injury or illness.

If you’re anything like me, you’re looking for simple things you can do right now that will make daily life a little more relaxed. When I discovered EFT, I found it to be a quick, painless and easy technique to learn.

By doing a few rounds of EFT, in a very short time I was able to release my stress blocks and bring myself down to a calming state. In as little as 5-7 minutes a day you can do this too!

To learn basic EFT Tapping steps right now click here:

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