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I offer private 1 to 1 EFT sessions to help you address deep rooted issues where basic tapping may not be enough. Quite often trying to resolve the issue on your own will only result in temporary relief. By working with me one on one in a private, safe setting,  I can dig deeper in the root of the problem you are tapping on, addressing any unresolved issues. Whether it be chronic or physical challenges, troubling memories, fears, limiting beliefs or feeling stuck personalized EFT attention could be just what you need.

I’ve put together these packages below based on what I found clients seem to resonate with most.

Often clients start with one session to ‘test the waters’ so to speak and experience for themselves what an in depth session is like. They then book a package that suits them to benefit from the effects of a personalized EFT program with me personally as their practitioner.

You can choose a face to face session or a skype session. Whatever you feel more comfortable doing. As for the effectiveness of EFT, it doesn’t make a difference either way- both are extremely beneficial.

I look forward to helping you live the life you deserve.

Single Session
120 $
Pay as you
  • One Hour Session
  • Experience EFT for the first time
  • Test the waters with me
  • For existing clients who just want a one-off.
Pre Paid 3 Hours
300 $
  • You have six weeks to use the three hours;
  • Three x 1 hours
  • Or any combination that works for you
  • Fast track your way to shedding pain and start your new life now.
Pre Paid 6 Hours
540 $
  • You have 9 weeks to use your 6 hours
  • You can book time 1,2 or 3 hour blocks
  • Priority booking
  • Email/phone support between sessions

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