The 4 Main Mistakes people make with EFT

The 4 Main Mistakes people make with EFT.


The first mistake might not seem obvious but it’s probably the most important. It’s actually forgetting to do EFT. I’m the first to admit that we tend to forget to use this incredible tool not only for deep rooted issues but for more common daily issues such as a headache. As EFT founder, Gary Craig says, “ Try EFT on anything”. So if we try to implement EFT into our daily routine for even smaller things, you will see significant changes.


The second mistake people make is not doing EFT long enough. Many people will do only 2-3 rounds of EFT and don’t see a big change then will stop doing it and say that EFT didn’t work. Like any program, fitness regime, study time or new routine you will achieve results by putting in the time.  To see results on the issue you’re working on you need to do a least 5 rounds per issue to see any significant change. You can’t expect to go to the gym and become and body builder overnight. Everything worthwhile takes commitment and time to see the effects of the positive change.


The third mistake people make is not doing EFT often enough. We can’t expect to do EFT a few times and suddenly all our issues are gone.Trust me I wish this were the case 🙂 Just like anything in life we do we need to be consistent to see lasting results. So this is similar to Mistake #2 but it encompasses ROUTINE- try implementing a few rounds when you wake up and a few rounds before you go to bed. 15 mins in the morning and 15 mins at night- just like riding a bike, the more you do it the better you get at it and you don’t even need to think anymore, it just comes to you from repetition.


The fourth mistake is not being specific enough. I know when we start doing EFT for first time we get hung up on the wording or script and don’t know what to say. I suggest to start off with basic wording such as, “Even though my back hurts, I deeply and completely accept myself”. Then you can start to to get more detailed and describe, Location, feeling and size in relation to the pain in your back.

  1. The location – lower back, upper back, left side, right side, etc….
  2. The feeling – Shooting pain, pulsating pain, pinching etc…
  3. The size – What size does it feel like. Golf ball, apple, baseball etc…..

Once you have an idea then your wording might look like this:

“Even though I have this shooting lower back pain that’s the size of an apple I deeply and completely accept myself”.

I tell all my clients to describe their issue whether emotional or physical as if they were telling a friend the problem, doctor, spouse etc….. Use those descriptive words as you tap through the meridian points. You will start seeing results the more open you are with how you feel when you tap on each point.

What are you waiting for? Get tapping!!

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